Thursday, July 9, 2015

So, the NFL Top 100 list recently came out and is sure to be hotly contested. I have to say right off the bat that I couldn’t agree more with JJ Watt being number 1. He is a once in a generation superstar defender who is so talented that he changes the way an offense conducts business. Moreover, he even occasionally plays offense and scores as a defender and offender! I am more or less in agreement with the rest of the top 10, with a few exceptions.

I think Marshawn Lynch is a better player than Demarco Murray. Murray may be better at cutting and making people miss, but Lynch breaks tackles all day long and is feared by defenses. I think if the Seahawks had run the ball at the goal line in last year’s Super Bowl, critics would be singing a different tune.

I also think that Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck and belongs in the top 10. Andrew Luck is a great player and also belongs in the top 10, but I just think Wilson brings more to a team than Luck. Luck is probably the better passer overall, but Wilson is close to as good and is much better than Luck at making defenders miss and making plays with his feet. He is shifty to the point that defenses have to change their style of play just to account for Wilson potentially running the ball on any given play.

Finally, I think Rob Gronkowski is such an impact player with his ability to catch the ball, make plays after the catch and block that he is overall a better player than Antonio Brown. Gronkowski is a very tough decision as far as who covers him because of his rare combination of size, speed and athletic ability. He is nearly impossible to stop. Antonio Brown is an exceptional receiver, but he doesn’t do as much for a team as Gronk.

My Top 10 List:

1. JJ Watt
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Tom Brady
4. Peyton Manning
5. Marshawn Lynch
6. Demarco Murray
7. Calvin Johnson
8. Andrew Luck
9. Rob Gronkowski
10. Antonio Brown

Friday, May 22, 2015

New NFL kicking rule

The NFL recently voted to change the extra point rule for the 2015 season. Instead of the traditional rule, where the scoring team kicks the extra point try from the 2 yard line, the scoring team will now kick the extra point try from the 15 yard line. In addition, the defense will have the opportunity to return fumbles or interceptions from extra point and two point conversion attempts for 2 points.

In my opinion, this rule change adds a whole new dynamic to the game. I love the impact the rule change will have on offensive and defensive strategy. I have never liked the almost “gimme” that the traditional extra point is associated with.

I anticipate that we will see a lot more 2 point conversion attempts, especially at outdoor stadiums. Assuredly, this rule change will add to the mystery of play-calling decisions and the overall excitement of the game!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcome To American Sports Legacy's Blog

Welcome! American Sports Legacy proudly presents its very first blog post. Here we want to inform our new readers of some of the things this blog will provide, including industry information, sports news and updates, product reviews, promotions, giveaways, and much more! A blog a typically a very informal way for a company to correspond with many of its customers, so we encourage all readers to leave comments, ask questions, and otherwise communicate with us as needed.

Thank you for coming, and we look forward to seeing more of you in the future!